Chemical Allergies

Patient suffered with a bleach allergy and the Bax 3000 test revealed the patient suffered with a neurological stress response to Bleach.

The Bax 3000 Computerized Laser light Therapy System has hundred of chemicals in the data base.  If you are suffering from a chemical sensistivity, allergy or reactions then call us for a consultation to see if you are candidate for treatment.

If you over react inappropriately from perfume, copier machines, detergents, house hold fumes, hydrocarbons (gas), bleach and other chemicals the laser helps to reduce neurological stress associated with those substances.

We do not treat the symptom of allergies.  Drugs treat symptoms.  We treat the patient who has the condition, not the condition of the patient.  For example, if you are hyper sensitive to perfume, the laser is designed to help calm down the body associated with perfumes.  We send specific digital frequencies into specific meridian points of the body. The laser will produce endorphins at the same time exposing you to a homeopathic digital frequencies.  This works to recondition the body to no longer react inappropriately to the substance the next time you are exposed to the real substance.

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