Allergy Testimonials

How does the BAX 3000 work?

The BAX 3000 works by exposing the patient to a potential allergy in the form of a digitized allergen.  This digitized allergen (substance) actually matches the harmonic frequency of the allergen; the the body will believe it is in contact with the real thing and will react if it is allergic to this substance.  While this response is imperceptible to the patient, the BAX 3000 system will note the reaction.  There are thousands of substances in the BAX 3000 database, virtually insuring proper identification of the patient’s known or unknown allergies.  Watch Success Stories Now!

Wayne – Quit smoking in one week!

Robert – Brain Fog

Bax 3000 laser demo of laser.

Acne, Eczema, Acid Reflux

Dust, Mold & Seasonal Allergies

Chocolate Allergy


Sneezing & Indigestion

Polyester Allergy

Congestion & Runny Nose

Mary – Eczema

Eileen – Ragweed Allergy

Rosi – Eczema (MRI contrast dye) Part II

Rosi – Eczema (MRI contrast dye) Part I

Janet B.- Winter Allergies

Gene P. – Celiac Disease Part II

Gene P. – Celiac Disease Part I

Terrie – Shrimp Allergy

Rose M. – Dairy Allergy

EVAN Part III- Peanut Allergy

Evan Part II – Peanut Allergy

EDWARD – Ragweed Allergy

DIEGO – Dairy Allergy

JON – Dustmite Allergy

SHARON – Orange & Wheat Allergy

EVAN Part I – Peanut Allergy

MIKE – Strawberry Allergy

EVAN – Shingles

VERNON – Dairy Allergy