Allergies, ADHD, Autism and Bad behavior…. What’s the link?

Everyone should watch Dr. Doris Rapp’s, “Don’t Drug them first” video on It shows the relationship between food allergies and ADHD, allergy related autism, depression and anxiety.

The video shows Dr. Rapp giving a child tomato and 15 minutes later he becomes extremely hyperactive. Another child is given a strawberry which triggers severe violent demonic behavior. Many of these parents have been told they are bad parents and their children are bad, dumb and lazy, however, their children could’ve been misdiagnosed.

There is nothing wrong with their parenting skills or their child. The problem has simply been eating the wrong foods, or smelling or inhaling or coming into contact with food, dust, mold, pollen or chemicals which are creating a stress response and affecting the brain. In other words, many allergies cause a stuffy nose, asthma or itchy skin but in certain children these same substances could affect their brain, how they function, think, act and behave. Allergies don’t cause everything but an allergy could cause anything.

Become open minded and believe your child has the potential to get better naturally and realize most doctors recommend pills because that’s what they’ve been trained to do. As I described in my Rockland Review Newspaper articles, focus on the cause, not the symptom. Treat the patient who has the condition, not the condition of the patient. I recommend natural treatments because they work and don’t cause side effects like some medications.

The BAX 3000 helps recondition the nerve system to no longer overreact to substances. It helps to decrease or eliminate stress responses associated with substances. It’s been successful for treating causes of allergies and it’s helped improve children’s behavioral problems.


Sean- 6 years old- The mother would explain that everytime he eats certain types of food he would all of the sudden have extreme behavioral problems. She described the behavior as “weird” and “uncontrollable”. ADHD and behavioral problems are classified as severe and we put the patient on severe protocal. We treat the patient for all basic food groups in procedure 1. You can go to allergy groups 1 through 18 to see what is done on each visit. In his case, I treated him for egg, dairy products, Vitamin C group, Vitamin B’s, Sugars, Vitamin A, Iron and on the seventh visit I treated him for salt and 60 minerals. The mom came into the office and stated, “Sean behavior has been great ever since the last mineral treatment.” She explained, “Its like you turned off a switch or turned on a switch and he no longer has behavioral problems after eating.”

What did we do?

Since his behavior dramatically improved after the mineral treatment, its’ most likely his body was severely stressed out by certain minerals and the stress would drive the Amaygdala (anxiety center), Locus Ceruleus (stress relay center) and Hippocampus (learning center) out of balance causing ADHD and behavioral problems. Once the laser reconditioned the body to be o.k with the minerals and other substances he no longer got stressed out by foods. It’s as simple as that!


I am confident you understand the medical definition of ADHD, anxiety and behavioral problems that focus on symptoms. What I want you to understand is why a person is developing these problems.

Physiological explanation of the stress response causing Attention deficit, anxiety, depression and behavioral problems:

1. For Example lets say the child has a sensitivity to some thing they eat, drink, rub on the skin or breath in that causes a severe neurological stress response. And that allergy or sensitivity is equivelent to the amount of stress you would undergo if a tiger attacked.

The first thing to occur is that your nervous system detects a stimulus.

2. Your nervous system sends the information to the sympathetic nerve system, where the stress response (fight or flight response) is initiated.

3. The Nerve system sends a message directly to your adrenal. Right away. The adrenals produce adrenaline/noradrenaline. These hormones will save your life in the short term crises. They will absolutely kill if you are chronically stressed.

4. Adrenaline/noradrenaline acts on the heart to increase heart rate. This causes artery constriction to organs and artery dilation to the muscles in order to increase blood pressure, which allows rapid delivery of stress responses hormones and energy to fight or run.

5. Stress hormone stimulate the brain so that emotional/anxiety memories dominate during stress (so we remember to look for the tiger or other triggering factors the next time we are at that location). This is to make sure we do not make the same mistake twice.

6. Stress hormones inhibit factual learning, working memory and ability to focus attention. (You don’t need to be able to learn math or listen to your teacher while running from a tiger or having a stress response from a substance your body perceives as harmful) Sounds like attention deficit disorder to me!!

7. The brain (amygdala) releases cortisol releasing hormone (CRF)- simply stress hormones, which activates other parts of the brain (locus ceruleus), which releases noradrenalin that acts on emotional centers and learning centers in the brain (areas for logical behavior and short term memory are inhibited; centers for emotional learning and instictual behaviors are stimulated) – this again is innately intelligent as it allows for the best chance to survive the fight or flight.

8. Release noradrenalin (stress hormones) during the stress response caused increased sensitivity of the sensory system. However, this means our concentration is easily distracted and that pathways such as those for nociception (pain and feeling) become sinsitized and exerts greater effects. “Stress sharpens the signal detection system at the cost of concentration.” (Michael Meaney, Ph.D) The stress person becomes easily distracted (sounds like Attention deficit disorder to me and anxiety and poor behavior!!!)

9. Studies show chronic stress can lead to chronic changes in cognition- cells in hippocampus (brain) actually shrink! Interestingly, research also shows that chronic movement stimulation (adjustment, exercise) results in an increase in the size of hippocampus brain cells.

10. The stress response, because it activates the brain systems that concentrate on threats and anxiety results in decreased ability to sleep.

12. Under normal conditions SEROTONIN is released to inhibit the activity of the stress response that leads to anxiety. Serotonin is what makes you get to being happy and level headed after a stress response. However, under chronic stress (unnatural environment) serotonin production cannot keep up and the result is that serotonin levels drop. The result of decreased serotonin is that people get depressed, feel irritable, decreased sex drive, get lowered growth hormone levels (more rapid aging), and change in appetite. Add insulin resistance from chronic high blood glucose levels and you get burn out or chronic fatigue besides type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The Bax 3000 computerized laser system can test and treat the substances that cause a severe stress response. Once the patient no longer over reacts to the substances they will have improved ability to concentrate, communicate, learn, and make friends. The best part…no drugs…no needles.

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It is a known fact that certain foods, chemicals and other substances can exacerbate symptoms of autism.  We do not treat autism but treat the child who has autism.  The Bax 3000 laser treatments has shown remarkable changes in behavior and cognitive abilities in children with autism.  As with the above physiological explanation about how stress causes imbalances in the brain, we have found that children who do the treatment show increased ability to learn, comprehend and stay calm.

For example,  a child who had difficulty counting to three was able to count to twenty after few laser treatments.

If your child has autism then call for a no charge consultion to find out if they are candidate for the Bax 3000 laser!

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